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The Kybella injection method is the first of its kind. Currently, it is the only injectable that has FDA approval for submental fullness, or the fat found under the chin. This is more commonly known as having a "Double Chin"

it's not uncommon for patients to want to clear up their chin area in a safe, reliable way. Our team is standing by and ready to help. Do not rely on old, risky surgery techniques to reduce face flab, now you have the freedom to  schedule a simple injection. Kybella is not only great for the chin and neck area, but also Bra Bulge, Inside of Thigh, and Knee Bulge

The areas of treatment:
  • Chin

  • Bra Bulge

  • Inside of thigh

  • Knee Bulge


What is Kybella?

Since Kybella is proven to help reduce sub-mental fullness, the process is growing in popularity. There is no need for inpatient care after an injection. Recovery time is also not required. Most patients feel just fine after a few hours.

The injection itself goes into the subcutaneous fat under the chin or in other problem areas on the body. From there, a compound called deoxycholate starts to break down fat cells and diminish the appearance of a dreaded double chin, bra bulge, knee bulge or other unwanted fat in the inner thigh. 


For the Chin

Adults with fullness below their chins or otherwise known as a "double chin" will be excited to learn that there is a new, non-surgical option: KYBELLA®, an injection procedure that destroys fat cells.


The key ingredient is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that breaks down fat. This injection will gradually reduce fat cells in the upper neck, leaving you with a more desirable chin profile.

This procedure requires two or three sessions about six weeks apart, and it is performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon.

For the Bra Bulge, Inner thigh and Knee Bulge

Fat cells do not only exist in the neck and under the chin. Often times there are stubborn fat cells that develop along the bra line, the knee area, and inside of the thigh. 

Similar to how the injection works for the chin, this treatment will gradually reduce the fat cells in these areas of the body and leave you with a more slim appearance and your body lines will be much smoother. 

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