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Laser Fungus Removal


Fungus on the hands and feet is not something that anyone wants to talk about, but the reality is that it exists. With that reality in mind we offer laser fungus removal for the hands and feet so that you do not have to be self conscious about it anymore.

Areas of  treatment include:
  • Hands

  • Feet

Dermatology Consultation

How does laser get rid of fungus

The laser light penetrates through the and kill fungus in its path. Once the living fungus is zapped by the laser, a benefit is that a healthy nail begin to grow from the cuticle up.  This utilizes infrared radiation which is not painful and it is safe to gently heat the base of the nail or effected areas. This area of the nail is where the fungus survives and typically grows on the feet and hands. 


Why use a laser to remover fungus

There are several advantages of applying laser treatment to hands and feet. They are:

  • Safe, painless treatment

  • No side effects or drugs

  • No liver enzyme test required

  • No recovery time - just walk in and walk out

  • Only 15 minutes required to treat the effected area for either the hands or the feet. 

Why laser instead of other options

Laser fungus treatment offers several advantages over alternative methods, like topical creams and oral drugs. Topical medications are effective but can take a long time to show results; i.e.: 1 year or more. Plus, topical medications have to be use twice a day, every day. Most patients are diligent for the first 2-3 months but most become forgetful or non-compliant due to impatience.

The results with laser are more effective, immediate, and you don't have to remember to take a pill or apply a cream every day. 

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