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Treatments for sweating

Treatments for Sweating Overview

Sweating is a part of existing. Some of us sweat more than others and are often times embarrassed when the faucet gets turned on at the worst moment possible. If this is you, fear no more. We have two amazing treatments that can reduce your sweating in particular areas. keep in mind that just because one area was treated that does not mean your entire body will quit sweating. 

Areas that our patients most often request help with are the underarms and bra line. 

Treatments we use for Sweating:

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Botox Cosmetic

Our Botox Cosmetic lineup is fantastic. Botox not only provides a full facial rejuvenation but it can  also be used to reduce acessive sweating, and even help with migraines. 

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Botox Injections

What is Dysport and how is it different?

When it comes to sweat this is a very treatable issue. Dysport does a great job of reducing the. sweating that occurs. These treatable issues are similar to the areas in which Botox treats; however, the proteins in Dysport are small and tend to act more quickly. Similar risk factors exist for either injection method, but Dysport does require some more effort on the physician’s part fortunately for you Dr. Saul is the best in the business..

As a patient, your results with either method may vary. Dysport is slightly less expensive as an overall injection cost, but it is also much newer and does not have the long history of effective use as BOTOX injections. At the end of the day, choosing one or the other will not increase the risk of side effects or failure to achieve your desired results. During your consultation with Dr. Saul ask him about both and he will recommend the best treatment for your specific case

What to expect

Dysport® injections can be relatively quickly administered in during an office visit. The treatment does not demand any restrictions of a patient (except for refraining from intensive exercise or the use of a sauna on the day of the injections). The treatment itself takes about 15 minutes. Approximately 10-15 injections in each underarm are made using a tiny needle. You should notice initial improvement of excessive sweating within about 4 weeks. Repeated treatment are safe and effective. They also  for consistently results in long-lasting improvements and a significant reduction in excessive sweating. your quality of life will be dramatically improved with a treatment like this.

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